New Bags, Old Idea

Hands On Hemp embraces wisdom of the past for answers to our future.

Our Story:

Hands On Hemp reusable bags began several years ago in a phone call with my mother.  She told me she was bummed because her 30 year old cloth produce bags were finally wearing out and she couldn’t find any more in stores.

I grew up seeing my mom using these bags so I knew it was a big deal she was having trouble replacing them.  I started to realize the significance of cloth reusable produce and bulk bags and it quickly became obvious that I would be making some new and improved bags – not only enough for her, but for the rest of us living on mother earth!

We modeled our bags after her old ones, but I decided to make ours mostly out of hemp fabric (blended with some organic cotton) because hemp is very environmentally friendly and also a great fabric for moisture retention and breathability.  We also decided to make two sizes – one perfect for bulk and pastries and one perfect for produce and bread.

So, now we are back to the future with Hands On Hemp produce and bulk bags.

The ironic part of this story is that my mother bought those cloth bags for produce just about the same time plastic produce bags were making their debut in mainstream markets.

For the last 30 years, while most of us were adapting to plastic bags and using on average, 500 a year (adding up to about 15,000 over 30 years) my mom used those same 6 bags over and over and over again. She always did go against the mainstream!

So, what we found out is that the solution to our plastic and paper bag problems existed long before those problems even existed.

Now that plastic and paper have proven unsustainable, irresponsible, and totally devastating, our best option is to go back to the good ‘ole cloth bags. And just in the nick of time for my mom to stock up for another 30 years.

This was one of my mom’s original bags:

Check it out! The original bag!

Oh and look at that!……

It turns out that this original bag is not retired after all.  It has found a new happy life in becoming our coffee filter!


Responsible Stewardship of our Earth seems to be the greatest challenge for us modern humans. What to do?


My decision to create a business like Hands On Hemp reusable bags was motivated by my love for this planet. I wanted not only to make a living, but also to live my values. I’m lucky enough to have a mom, dad, and partner who support my vision. They’ve all invested in my dreams and helped get Hands On Hemp on its way.

Currently, Kim my partner and I run the business and because of it’s environmental purpose, we have become much more aware of our eco-impact on all levels and continue to take actions that bring us closer into balance with nature.  We are both vegan, just got a rooftop solar panel lease for our house/office, minimize driving/ bike as much as possible, adopt pets, volunteer and we’re always working to give more, take less and support others to make fulfilling and life-affirming sustainable choices for our earth community.

We’re proud that our Hands-On Hemp bags help others take their own steps towards being stewards of the planet. Using these reusable bags couldn’t be easier, more affordable, and they function far better than either plastic or paper can.

Choose Hands On Hemp bags, feel better, and be better to yourself and to the earth!

Reuse On!








Ariel, Kim Jasper and Gussy (The Hands On Hemp family)

More About Us:

Ariel Goettinger is the founder and primary owner of Hands On Hemp. Her interest has always been in consciousness and healing, though at first this was centered around studies in psychology and group dynamics.  Before she could start up a therapy practice, she made a 90 degree turn and for several years has been focused on the healing of our planet.  She was first guided to learn about the inner realm of being human and then next about the outer impact on our earth by humans.  Now, with her partner Kim, she has developed a unique approach to both healing ourselves and the planet to offer to people whether they are more focused on the personal or the planetary.

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Kim Emmert works for Hands On Hemp in whatever capacity is needed at the moment. She loves being involved with a business that does good deeds for the planet.

Kim has spent most of her adult life learning about and living a life with an emphasis on the evolution of consciousness. She spent 18 years in an intentional spiritual community and is also a certified yoga teacher and is training to be a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. She brings her experience working with consciousness to her work with Hands On Hemp on a daily basis since it is her belief that the only way the human race will change in time to save the planet from environmental disaster is through a deep change in consciousness.

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