Generate the funds you need for your students and school through a meaningful product fundraiser that has educational opportunities! 




Hands On Hemp fundraisers are an opportunity to teach kids about their environmental trash footprint from single-use paper, plastics and packaging and to give them the power to make positive actions today!

Once students become aware of our plastic and trash problems, they can turn around and become the teachers and activists we need them to be by changing their own actions and educating their parents and friends about easy to make changes.

Using Hands On Hemp bags as a fundraiser will engage your community of students, teachers, and parents alike because they are an essential solution to our plastic and paper single-use environmental problem.

Start planning for your Green Fundraiser and get your school, students, and parents involved today!

Our reusable produce bags, reusable bulk bags and reusable bakery bags are a new hot item that will get everyone excited to help the environment and your school!  




Please contact us about making this fundraiser a great success for your school and for any questions about  pricing, volume discounts, information sheets, display options, pictures and more.

For more information contact  Ariel Goettinger

Phone: 303-499-4998



Abby Goldberg, a thirteen year old girl from Illinois made a pact to stand up to big plastic companies and protect her local community’s right to ban or tax plastic bags.

Abby created a petition asking her Governor not to let big plastic control their local fate.   She got over 100,000 signatures and succeeded in stopping big plastic’s attempt to control citizens choices.

This is an inspiring story of how our youth can step up and make big changes for what they believe in!