Why have you come to earth?

I'm listening to one of my favorite songs right now. The lyrics are "Why have you come to earth? Why have you taken birth? Do you remember? To Love, Serve, and Remember"……

Whenever I listen to this beautiful song I have a moment of connection to myself and to the deeper reasons I'm alive. I need this reminder.

I do believe that I am on the planet for a reason beyond my day to day life. It just doesn't make sense to me that there is no bigger meaning or purpose. My experience of the silence of nature, the beauty of the ocean, the amazing living energy of animals, those moments of profound connection with others….all of these experiences show me that there is more going on here than I can see.

There have been times in my life where that bigger reason is really close at hand – those are the times when I'm the most vibrant and full of life, love and trust. Usually these are times when I'm working together with others on a project or event that has meaning for a cause or a bigger purpose. At those times I feel inspired and so fully of energy I can give a huge amount.

The best example of this recently is helping out with the Obama campaign. I know I'm one of many who felt taken by this purpose, but I feel that what inspired me was not only that I felt passionate about the cause, it was also very much that there was this big group of inspired people also helping out.

I was lucky enough to attend President Obama's talk at CU Boulder about a week before the election and the room was just over-flowing with passion! A very inspiring night with 10,000 of us together. Plus the day of the election Ariel and I were poll watchers, so we spent the day talking to people as they went to vote. The air was charged with purpose!

Obama talks about how his campaign made history as the biggest grassroots campaign ever. I think that this is really not insignificant. The impact of so many people moving out of themselves and their personal lives to care and to act is huge.

Obama gave a short talk to many of his volunteers on a conference call a few days later. He said he really wants to do better at keeping this momentum going and keeping all the people involved in his campaign connected and helping. I really hope he does this. I believe that if he could find some way to keep this going he could have a very unknown impact – imagine this same force of passion and connection for four years. He could change the face of America!

I believe that we deeply need some way to come together. We need some way to be the force of communion. I believe that something becomes possible in those moments of giving together, where the common purpose is stronger than our personal needs, that are literally transformational. At those moments we create a potential in the universe that has not been there prior.

At a time when so much seems out of control in our world this force of positive energy can, and does, change everything!


By the way, the song I wrote about is called Love, Serve and Remember by John Astin.

Today is a new day!

We're so excited to finally make our website live….it has been a labor of love for Ariel and I for over a year now. We hope that our website will not only be a place to sell our bags but also a place for education, inspiration and consciousness raising. For us our bag business – selling our reusable hemp produce and bulk bags – has been an amazing way to raise our awareness and commitment towards helping the planet survive. We are inspired to make huge changes in our own lives and also to do what we can to support others around us. We have found that we care – we care so much – and yet it is truly on ongoing practice to stay in touch with our own experience of this care.

It is far to easy to forget, to get busy, to fall into the consciousness around us instead staying true to our own experience. We believe that between all of us (and that includes all of you) there is enough momentum to make a huge difference.

So we want this new blog site to be a place of hope and help. Will you please join us?